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2nd International Children’s Art Biennale 2015

Primary school Božidar Jakac has organised 2nd International Children’s Art Biennale with its title DRAWING- a line, a dot. We received drawings from 75 Slovenian primary schools and 25 drawings from abroad.In numbers, this means 477 different drawings from various parts of the world: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Mexico, Jordan.

The drawing selection was done by the board of experts: Beatriz TomšičČerkez, PhD; JurijSelan, phD and DarkoSlavec, BFA in painting.

Biennale was divided into three different categories; awards were given to the best three drawings from each age group, including two special certificates of appreciation.

The award ceremony and drawing exhibition were held in November, a month in which we commemorate our great artist Božidar Jakac - master of drawing, line and graphic. On this occasion a bilingual catalogue (Slovene and English) with awarded drawings was published.

The award ceremony hosted our sponsors and donators who enabled us to realise this project. It was our great honour that we had a chance to host two esteemed guests, Mr. Aswin Kumar Shrestha, Consul General of Nepal in Slovenia and Mr. Samir Amarin, Consul General of Jordan in Slovenia.

Our ceremony concluded with the opening of drawing exhibition called “A drawing sings a cheerful song" at Faculty of Education in Ljubljana in collaboration with art department.

We are extremely proud of the fact that this drawing exhibition was presented outside our school walls at Faculty of Education where it will serve as a working material for all future art teachers.